OMG Content Workflow & Amplification Course: 
How to create one piece of content & distribute it on every social media platform.
Have you ever wondered why you are taking so much time creating content for facebook live, emails, pinterest and a podcast, when you are literally just saying the message four different ways?

Are you at the point in your business where you you’ve hit 6 figures but you find yourself spending hours on social media?

Are you at the point in your business where every Friday you hit a brick wall because you can’t come up with more content but you know you have a blog full of content, if only you could re-purpose it?

Are you at the point in your business where you have a social media team yet you know they could be working more effectively by re-purposing content on new streams such as Pinterest and Podcasts?
Imagine what it would look like if you could create one 15 minute video and have enough content to post on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, email, blogs and a podcast.
The OMG Content Workflow Course is for: 
  • Entrepreneurs who want to save time through processes & systems
  •  Entrepreneurs who want to dominate every platform 
  •  7 figure business owners who want to bring their social media in-house
  •  Small Business Owners who want to generate more leads on repeat 
  •  Coaches who want to create content consistently 
  •  Service businesses who NEED to showcase their expertise but struggle to generate leads 
  •  Consultants who know they need to show up consistently but aren't sure how they will do it 
  •  Online marketers who want to generate more leads 
  •  New entrepreneurs who need a blueprint for social media and content creation 
  •  Social media managers who want to simplify their content process with clients 

This course ISN’T for you if: 

  • You aren’t willing to commit to 30 minutes of content creation each week
  •  You don’t believe showing up consistently online will help you grow your business 
  •  You don’t want more leads 
  •  You don’t believe giving value online is important 
  •  You aren’t willing to implement this process 
  •  You don’t want to make more money online 
  •  You like wasting time thinking about what to post today 

What would your reaction be if you could spend approximately 52 hours per year on content?
What would your reaction be if you could spend 26 hours per year on content creation?

What would you do with all that extra time?

With all that extra money?

This is EXACTLY what the OMG Content Workflow and Amplification process will do for you and your company.

It will give you an exact process for you to create content in about an hour each week if you are doing it all yourself
If you are going to delegate the parts of this system that are repeatable and perfect for a virtual assistant then you could create value driven content in about 30 minutes each week!

Where would you reallocate your time?

Where would you reallocate your money?
With these tools:
• Save hours per week posting on social media
• Save hundreds of dollars per year on creating content for each platform
• Systematized (and delegatable) ways to take one piece of content and turn it into 20
• Upload blogs, podcasts, pinterest posts, social media and more
• Have your clients give you the topics for your next piece of content
• Eliminate the content overwhelm
• Stay working within your strengths as the business owner
•Create one piece of video content in under 30 minutes
•Create 20 social media posts in under 60 minutes
• Dominate all social media platforms
• Create weekly emails and blogs without  stress
Time and Money Saved:
• Spend only 5 plus hours a week posting to Social Media daily and stressing out over what to post 
• You won’t stress over what content to post
• You won't need to hire a Social Media person
• You won't need to hire a Pinterest person
• You won't need to hire a YouTube person
• You won't need to hire a Web guru
• You won’t need to hire an Email Marketing person
• You won’t need to sit worry about what to post
• You will save thousands of dollars per year by using this system

You are probably thinking all of this is going to cost over $9997…. But if I did charge you $9997 and all it did was show you exactly how to create 20 pieces of content from one video, would it be worth it to you?

If all this system did was help you create content consistently that generated leads regularly without spending hours staring at the computer/phone/device wondering what to post today, would it be worth $9997?

If all it did was show you how to save hours each week by giving you a framework for creating content would it be worth $9997?

If all it did was help you generate more leads on regular basis, would it be worth $9997?

Don’t just take my word for it, 
“The OMG content workflow piece alone is worth $5000.00 and that’s not including the office hours and all the extra bonuses. I feel so much more confident knowing I have this system in place to help me grow my business and this is EXACTLY what every small business owner needs” ~ Rebecca
What would it be worth to you?
If you were able to grow your business on repeat, what would that be worth to you?
How about if you could save time and money by creating processes?

If you had a framework for what you needed to do each week when it comes to social media and what you could delegate?

If you could show up on every platform without having to feel overwhelmed?

What would that worth to you?
So here are the deets of what you are going to get when you purchase the
OMG Content Workflow and Amplification Course
  •  4  Live Implementation Calls ($1997 Value)
  •  Content Workflow Blueprint: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ($2997 Value) 
  •  Content Workflow Organizational Sheets - ($1997 Value)
  •  Office Hours To Ensure That You Don't Get Stuck ($1497 Value) 
  •  Daily, Weekly And Monthly Checklists ($497 Value) 
  •  Private Facebook Group ($997 Value)
  •  Bonus: Canva Templates 
  •  Bonus: Content WorkFlow Trello Board ($497 Value)
  •  Bonus: Opt-in With Tripwire Sharefunnel ($2497 Value) 
  •  Bonus: Pinterest Board Organization and Workflow
  • Bonus: Podcast Workflow
First 50 enrollees Only will GET LIFETIME Access To Office Hours Call Which Means Personal Access To Me Via The Facebook Group For LIFE (PRICELESS Value)


TODAY Only: $497
Have you ever just sat at your phone staring for hours? Yup, me too!
There I was, a seasoned entrepreneur nearly 13 years into my business trying to figure out how to grow and scale my business with online courses. I knew I had to consistently show up in the online space if I wanted to get leads on my list but creating amazing value driven content customized for each platform just wasn’t happening. Creating any content just wasn’t happening. I was totally and utterly stuck.
I was trying to do it all myself because I wanted it to be in my voice but more often than not, I sat staring at my phone wondering, ‘What the heck am I going to post today?’ or if I did have an idea of what to post I was sitting there contemplating, ‘which image should I use?’ So most days I simply didn’t post.
Crazy I know right? A social media manager who didn’t post on her own social media.

The thing is, at the time, I had just had my second child via emergency c-section and felt so called to grow my business. I had planned it small for so many years and had this vision of a 7 figure business. The business had success hitting the 6 figure mark for the past several years but after that life-charging experience I knew I needed to make a bigger impact. I knew I wanted people to have the freedom, the limitless possibilities, and the choice that owning your own business gave me.

So I sat there, stuck in bed for 4 weeks with my newborn by my side, trying to figuring out a way for myself and my fellow entrepreneurs to easily create content uber high value content on repeat that carried the voice of the entrepreneur in every single post.

I knew full well that this was the issue so many business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, service providers, well, basically anyone who wanted to build a business online faced. I even struggled with this with clients. It was the constant social media hamster wheel. I need more content, I need more images. I constantly faced this issue both with clients and in my own business.  
How do I create high value content consistently without losing my mind on a daily basis?
With my newborn baby by my side, I committed to showing up weekly on Facebook Lives.
I started studying what the big names in the industry where doing.

I took the social media process I was already using in the business and expanded upon it. I hired coaches. I took courses. I fully immersed myself. Growing my business was the only option. I immediately began noticing patterns. 

So I continued making Facebook Lives. Then I made those lives into emails. Then social posts and ads, and pinterest posts. And I realized that building a online business requires a ton of value-driven content. And to create content on repeat systems will set you free. And to distribute and amplify that content showing up on every platform is essential because people love their platforms.

Youtube people are YouTube people. Podcast people are podcast people. Instagram people are Instagram people And so, and so, and so…..

For the better part of the last year, I personally managed this process for my own business. Tweaking it, honing it, expanding upon it. Rearranging the order. And in 2017 we more than doubled the businessAnd the only thing I did differently was show up online consistently by creating value driven content.

This year, I fully expect the business will be nearing that 7 figure mark. Nearly a year later after that life-changing event, I have decided to share this with the world because I KNOW every business owner, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, online marketer, and service business needs this in their life. 

I know exactly how frustrating it can be to have to hire 4 different people. I know exactly how hard it is to create content. I know how necessary it is for success. I know how overwhelming it can feel. I know if you want to grow your business on repeat you need to give value driven content. I know you need a system in place to put content on repeat.

And I know as the business owner you just can’t do it all.
I know, cause I’ve been there.

Don’t waste another minute playing small. I invite you to put the content systems in place to grow your business on repeat. So you can stay focused on your strengths and stay in YOUR zone of genius.

With your success in mind,