WARNING: Wondering why am I even posting on social media?  
I GET IT! I've been there and I hear people say it all the time! 
Hearing crickets on social media and quietly thinking to yourself WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?
Not anymore. 
Get a Social Media & Marketing 
Snapshot for YOUR business! 
An action plan for your social media & marketing efforts
Completely customized to your business & marketing 
A check up for all of your marketing efforts with clear action steps & ideas
Sample copy for your business to get your community to convert to buyers
I've heard it over and over and over again..."What am I doing wrong with my social media?"or "I am posting on social media but no one is engaging!" or "How come my marketing isn't work?" - The truth of the matter is that making a few small tweaks to your marketing efforts makes a world of difference when it comes to increasing conversions but often times instead of tweaking people give up. They say things like "Social media doesn't work for me" or  "I tired that but it was a waste of time" 

I say, NO WAY! Social media and marketing works but you have to have a plan, you have to stick with it and you have to know who you are posting for. Often times a few minor tweaks in your marketing efforts can have a major impact on your conversions. Here's something to consider with your marketing efforts:

  • Are you showing value?
  • ​Are you pushing on the pain points your ideal client might be experiencing?
  • ​Are you showcasing the transformation you help the client achieve?
  • ​Are you asking for the sale?
  • ​Are you making offers?
  • ​Are you growing your email list?
  • ​Are you hearing crickets on social media and quietly thinking to yourself WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?
  • ​Or my personal favorite 'WHY am I even bothering to post?'
If you are shaking your head yes, thinking how did she read my mind then keep reading…
Here’s the DEAL…I hear you and many times a few small tweaks in your content and strategy can make a big difference especially in terms of getting your audience to take action.

That is why I created Social Media & Marketing Snapshots. Snapshots are a customized 2- 3 page action plan for your business. They will include suggestions on how to spice up your content, increase engagement (and thus conversions) and support you in getting more strategic with your marketing efforts!

I will be offering these for a limited time for only $47 bucks normally $997 And I repeat, if you are wondering “why am I even posting” then it is time to order a snapshot.

Inside each snapshot, I will provide you with concrete examples and recommendations for improving your marketing and social media. I will provide you with sample posts you can use in your marketing and action items to implement so you can start to see results immediately.

Now more than ever your community needs you to show up and lead. Let’s ensure that your marketing efforts are actually converting.

Order your snapshot today.

Making marketing simple is my number one goal for online entrepreneurs.

Let’s do this.

With your success in mind,


P.S. Are you wondering if this is for you? Feel free to drop me a line and ask any question you may have ===>>> jamie@outliermarketinggroup.com

And right now, you can get your customized Social Media & Marketing Snapshot today for only $47 bucks!

It's time to stop wondering!
GET YOUR Social Media & Marketing Snapshot today!

Here's how it works...
Once you sign up for your social media & marketing snapshot you will be emailed a form to fill out. This is where you will submit your social media channels, marketing links, ideal client and so much more! 

Once you have filled that out the form, your 2-3 page customized report will be emailed to you personally within 5 to 7 business days. It's that simple! 
Just action steps & feedback you can begin leverage immediately to grow your community increase visibility and conversions fillers into buyers.
You’ve got nothing to lose.
Jamie, this is awesome. I think this is worth way more than $47. I read through the Snapshot and thought "How does she know what I'm doing?" Some of what you suggested is sitting in draft or on my to do list. I want to acknowledge your feedback as incredibly generous, and let you know that I need to read it over again a few more times. - Brigitte
This was 100% the best money I have ever spent! THANK YOU! 
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  A platform by platform snapshot of where and how you can make adjustments to your marketing
  • ​Social media feedback plus website, sales funnel and more! 
  •  Action steps to improve your visibility and marketing conversions
  •  2-3 pages of CUSTOMIZED feedback on your social media and marketing
  •  Ideas to add into your marketing mix that are proven to increase conversions! 
That's well over $997 Value... 
For only $47 bucks!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
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