Does Any of This Sound Familiar?
  • Have you ever found yourself staring at your phone at 5:00 pm wondering what the heck am I going to post today? 
  • ​Are you feeling overwhelmed by what content to post on social media and when? 
  • ​Are you struggling to post consistently on social media? 
  • ​Are you spending hours looking for the perfect picture to post on social media? 
  • ​ Are you ready to finally get social media off of your to-do list
  • ​Are you struggling to create a social media strategy that actually generates leads without spending hours on the social media hamster wheel? 
  • ​Are you struggling to create a plan for social media where you are leveraging scheduling tools, have a plan in place, and have 30 days worth of content planned out?   
  • ​ Are you finding it hard to figure out what to say to your ideal client, what platforms to post on and when?  
  • ​Do you JUST want someone to tell you what works so you can implement it for your business? 
If any of these statements have you all, "How the heck did she get inside my head?!" then keep reading - you're in the right place.
Hey, Overwhelmed Entrepreneur, I was you. 
You have every intention to get ahead when it comes to planning your social media content but you simply can't find the time to step off the treadmill because you've simply got TOO much to do. 

You realize that social media is a key part of you crushing those goals but you still find yourself at 5:00pm every single day searching for a picture to post and then wondering....hmmm what content goes with this. 

You are seriously overwhelmed by all the new social media updates and wondering if this is the RIGHT content for your ideal client. 

You wish someone would just tell you what to post each and every day so that you can show up consistently. 

You are longing to get to that next level in your business but realize you need a social media strategy where you show up consistently. 

 You are struggling to create a plan and for once want to cross social media off of your daily to-do list.
Imagine what it will feel like when you're 
finally able to spend less time on social media.
Imagine what it would feel like to have your social media, newsletter and blogs planned out for an entire month!  

Imagine how showing up consistently on social media would increase your sales. 

Imagine what it would feel like if you only had to spend 30 minutes a week creating high-value content.

Imagine if you had an EXACT process for creating content and mapping out your social media each week.

Imagine the sense of relief you would feel when you complete 30 days worth of content in under 30 minutes.

Imagine if you had a process for choosing the right image.

Imagine what you could do with all the extra time if you didn't have to do social media daily.

 Imagine how freeing that would feel. 
You’re ready to show up consistently, 
but you’ve got a lot of questions!
How do I start creating content consistently without spending hours on end each week doing social media?

I don’t even have time, how could I ever plan 30 days worth of content for social media, blogs and newsletters?

This seems really hard and overwhelming, I don’t have a plan to follow.

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re starting to map out content for 30 days for the first time. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track, and stay on that social media hamster wheel. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

That’s why I’ve created the Social Made Simple LIVE! How to take one piece of video content and distribute it everywhere! Creating your own content workflow. A step by step process that teaches you how to go from overwhelmed entrepreneur spending hours on end working out what to post on social media to content creation rockstar and lead generating machine.
Let's make Social Media Simple ONCE and for all! 
The Social Made Simple Membership will teach you how to get ahead (and be consistent) with social media, email marketing and newsletters. 

You’ll get access to the exact process of how to get ahead and move from posting sporadically and with no strategic intent to two weeks of content scheduled and strategically planned. This process will transform how you create content for your business, save you TONS of time and will generate leads in your business.
Don’t just take my word for it:
Your Life Before Social Made Simple
• Spending HOURS per week posting on social media DAILY
• Posting sporadically or not at all 
• Having no strategy behind what you are posting
• Struggling to create copy for social media posts
• Spending hours searching for the perfect picture
• No plan in place to monetize your social media
• Feeling OVERWHELMED with NO time to post
• Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed DAILY
• Wondering if social media is really worth the effort
• No plan or process in place for creating content and distributing it everywhere

Your Life After Social Made Simple
• Save hours per week posting on social media
• Have a posting plan in place to monetize your content
• Systemized (and delegatable) way to create macro content and turn it into micro content on repeat
• Having a process distributing social media, newsletters, and more. 
• Social media, blogs, newsletters, and more complete for 30 days at a time
• Have your clients give you the topics for your next piece of content
• Freedom and time to start working on other goals besides content and social media
• Stay working within your strengths as a driven entrepreneur
• Showing up consistently and strategically in the online world
Social Made Simple Breakdown
Content Creation - Here we will teach you how to seamlessly, strategically, and simply create content consistently. 
Organization - We will walk you through our exact organization process and give you our blueprints for keeping your marketing organized. 
Blogs and Email - We will give you the blueprints and how to videos for creating this content from the macro content you have already created. 
Social Media - We will share with you our proven content types and how you can systematically use them to fill your social media content calendar. 
•Social Media Graphics - We also give you canva templates and guides for creating social media posts.
•Facebook Ads - We will walk you through how we amplify each one of our Facebook Live Videos so that we can amplify our message to our ideal client. 
Nurture Sequence - The exact steps you need to create a nurture sequence for on boarding new email subscribers
BONUS Podcast - We will teach you how to upload your content to your podcast as part of your content workflow.
BONUS Youtube - We will teach you how to upload your content to Youtube, create custom thumbnails and more as part of your content workflow.
BONUS Pinterest -We will teach you how to upload your content to Pinterest, create BOARDS and more as part of your content workflow.
You'll Get Incredible Support, Community, and Accountability

Social Made Simple Live Course

Live Support Calls:  Live office hours to support you in implementing, coming up with ideas for content and taking action with Social Made Simple IN your business. 
Private Facebook Group: Access to our private Facebook group for added support from peers.
Monthly Templates:  Each month we roll out a new graphic pack including ready to use social media graphics.
Here is what one of my client's have experienced after implementing Social Made Simple!
NOW is the time to transform your business, show up consistently online and generate more leads all while saving time and making more money! 
LifeTime Access

  • Access to the Social Made Simple System
  • Workbooks, Templates, Spreadsheets & Swipe Copy
  • Monthly Content Brainstorming Session
  • Monthly Training & Workbooks
  • Monthly Office Hours Call
  • Monthly Content Prompts
  • Access to all previous & future monthly training calls
  •  Social Made Simple  Private Facebook Community
Implement the Social Made Simple System?
The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. Most of our students are able to get the system implemented within 30 - 45 days by spending 1 - 2 hours a week. 

Others might take a few extra months to get the system integrated into their business. 

There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because you have lifetime access to the program and all future updates! Remember, this isn't a "quick fix" by any means.

We recommend you set aside 1-2 hours per week to go through the program and implement the assignments.

The more you use and implement this system the less time you will have to spend on social media content each week!

There has never been a better time to 
start the Social Made Simple LIVE Course
At the end of 2016, I was just like you are now. Struggling to figure out what to post, posting sporadically, if at all, when I did post I sat at my phone at 4:45 stressed out and overwhelmed wondering what to post. I was consumed by all the time it took to actually post on social media,and not seeing the ROI I so desired from the online world. 

Then it all changed. I took the systems that I was using for our social media clients and I started using them in my own business. I started treating my own business like my VERY BEST client. I tweaked and honed the system, the process and the content. 

I started showing up more and more and more. The business began to grow, rapidly. Every single month was a record breaking month (and still is). In 2017, we more than doubled the business and the only thing I did differently was show up consistently. I did the Facebook lives. I did the social media posts, daily. I planned my content ahead of time. I nurtured my list. I leaned on the systems that I created and got even more consistent. Every single year since implementing this the business has grown tremendously.

In 2020, we are positioned to 2X the business, AGAIN. Why? Because I have committed to treating my business like my best client. I am showing up consistently delivering value on social media. I am posting daily. I am nurturing leads. I am building my business ecosystem. 

So here’s the thing, if you want to have this too, you have to start now.. You have to start showing up daily. You have to be consistent. You have to a strategy for posting social media content. A strategy for delivering value to your ideal clients. A strategy for amplifying (paid advertising) your content. And you have to start treating your business like your best client. 

That starts by creating a system to deliver content to your ideal client daily. That starts by starting. By showing up and by taking action. Even on the days when you just can't even. 
When you start now you will: 

Save hours per week posting on social media
•Start showing up consistently in the online world
•Have a plan for getting 30 days of social content, blog content, 
   and newsletter content done in advance
•Have a process for creating long form video content
•A posting strategy for showing up on social media daily
•A Facebook Ads strategy for amplifying your content
Understand the types of content and when to post them
•Start generating more leads
•Say goodbye to the wondering what to post each day
•Say goodbye to content overwhelm
•Say, YES to treating your business like your best client
•Say yes to amplifying your income

If you wait, you are committing to more of the same, wondering what to post each day at 5:00pm, feeling overwhelmed by what to post, being inconsistent in the online space, and ultimately prolonging your success, your business growth, and your goals. 
The Social Made Simple Membership is for: 
  • Entrepreneurs who are feeling like they are stuck and are trying to figure out how to get to the next level
  • ​Entrepreneurs who want to stop spending hours on social media and get more strategic and systematized with content creation and social media
  • ​Entrepreneurs who know they want to show up online and can't seem to find the time to do so
  • ​7 figure business owners who want to bring their social media in-house
  • ​Entrepreneurs who want to generate more leads on repeat 
  • ​Coaches who want to create content consistently but aren't sure how
  • ​Service businesses who NEED to showcase their expertise but struggle to generate leads 
  • ​Consultants who know they need to show up consistently but aren't sure how they will do it 
  • ​Online marketers who want to generate more leads 
  • ​New entrepreneurs who need a blueprint for social media and content creation 
  • ​Social media managers who want to simplify their content process with clients 
This Membership ISN’T for you if: 
  • You aren’t willing to commit to 30 minutes of content creation each week
  • ​You don’t believe showing up consistently online will help you grow your business 
  • ​You don’t want more leads 
  • ​You don’t believe giving value online is important 
  • ​You aren’t willing to implement this process 
  • ​You don’t want to make more money online 
  • ​You like wasting time thinking about what to post today 
  • ​You are satisfied with how you've been showing up online
  • ​You don't want to grow your business
  • ​You don't believe showing up consistently will generate more leads
  • ​You feel content with the amount of money you've been making
  • ​You don't want more clients
When you enroll in the Social Made Simple membership you are making the commitment to yourself and your business to implement systems to save you time, make you more money and ultimately breakthrough to that next level in business.

This program will give you the tools, support, and accountability to implement marketing systems in your business so that you can show up consistently online and have a plan in place for social media so that you are posting strategically and have content scheduled 30 days in advance.
You've got 2 choices...
You can stay where you are and keep doing things the way that you've been doing them. Every day trying to figure out what to post, sometimes not posting at all and not showing up consistently for your ideal client. You can continue wasting time, energy and money hoping that the new leads will come in even though you can't seem to get a social media plan in place. You can continue staying stuck where you are at in your business and HOPE one day you will be able to reach those goals by doing things the same way you've been doing them. 
YOU can get the EXACT system I have used to double my business in 2017,  2018, & 2019. 

The same system I have taught to HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs..
You can make a commitment to yourself and your business to take action. To get a system and a process in place for creating content consistently. You can save HOURS each week by moving from micro content to macro content.   You can start treating your business like your best client and implement the systems that you so desperately need to get your business to the next level. You CAN get strategic with creating content, generating leads and building YOUR business Empire but that starts by taking action.  Think about where you would be in six months if you made a commitment to yourself and your business to show up consistently and treat your business like your best client.  

Heck, think about where you would be in a month! 
You can keep wasting time with no plan in place or you can take action, implement the exact system myself and my clients have used and crush those goals that you've been so desperately trying to achieve.
NOW is the time to transform your business, show up consistently online and generate more leads all while saving time and making more money! 
LifeTime Access

  • Access to the Social Made Simple System
  • Workbooks, Templates, Spreadsheets & Swipe Copy
  • Monthly Content Brainstorming Session
  • Monthly Training & Workbooks
  • Monthly Office Hours Call
  • Monthly Content Prompts
  • Access to all previous & future monthly training calls
  •  Social Made Simple  Private Facebook Community
I don't have enough time.
It's going to take to long to implement. 
I'm not tech savvy!
This program is designed to give you back time in your business schedule. I know because I have been there. Overbooked, overwork, and stressed out. This system has given me back hours each and every week in my schedule. 
Here's the thing, the longer you wait to implement systems the more time you are wasting. If you have a big goal and a dream to build an online empire you HAVE to make the time to implement this in your business because this is a critical component to YOUR business growth. 
That's ok! We've got you covered. We have mapped out and created dozens of videos in this course for walking you through each and every step to implement this in your business! And if we missed something we are happy to make that video for you! We are committed to our client's success in this program and we will relentless support you in implementing this in your business. 
Don’t just take my word for it, Here's What Rebecca Douros has to say:
By enrolling in the Social Made Simple Membership you will get huge benefits without the huge price tag.

Hire a Social Media Manager $1000/month 

Hire a Facebook Ads Expert $1000/month 

Hire a coach for content and social media strategy 5000

Hire a Facebook Ads Expert $1000/month

Hire a coach for content and social media strategy $5000

The blueprints and spreadsheet alone are worth over $1000.00 not to mention the support you will get with this program.

And you get everything for $67/month
What Happens When You Buy?
Step 1: Enroll in Social Made Simple
You can purchase the program with the payment plans or the full-pay option. You can pay with credit card.
Step 2: You'll Receive an Email with all the details
Your course login information will be emailed to you.
Step 3: You'll get immediate access to Social Made Simple
The entire learning platform is instantly available and waiting for you. You can dive right in and start working on it!
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I add my VA to the Membership and group?
Yes! We want you to have as much success as possible with this program and encourage you to add your VA to the program so that you can quick and easily implement the program and stay focused on your zone of genius as the entrepreneur. 
How long does it take to implement the Social Made Simple system?
Most clients can get the Social Made Simple system up and running within just a few weeks by spending 1-2 hours per week working on the program.
What if I get stuck with the technology?
We've got you covered! Our resident TECHNICAL expert is part of the Facebook group and you can post any tech questions that you might have. 
How do the office hours calls work? 
The office hours call are there for you to ask questions on the implementation process, get support with any questions you might have around creating content, and the Social Made Simple System.
How do I cancel my membership?
Simply send an email to we will cancel your membership. We require 30 days written notice for all cancelations. Please note if you cancel within the first 6 months you will need to wait one year in order to rejoin the membership community.  
What if I can't make the LIVE Calls?
NO WORRIES! If you have a question you can submit it ahead of time and we will answer all of the questions on the call. You will get access to all of the replies inside of the Facebook Group and at the end of the course we will upload all of the replays to the members site! 
Jamie Palmer
Marketing Professional with expertise in strategic business development achieved through marketing and social media. Clear communicator able to synthesizes complex issues into messages that resonate with audiences and align with organizational goals, culture, vision, and values.

A specialist in the integration of executive storying techniques into strategic communication.  Recognized for in-depth understanding and use of specialized digital marketing methods necessary for hyper-competitive industries; including IT, Marketing, Consulting, Financial, Hospitality and Professional Services. 

Acknowledged as a successful marketer and leader of individuals and corporate teams with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Highly informed in the wide variety of methods and techniques used in corporate training and adult learners. Expert at building highly engaged online communities with leadership techniques.

Jamie has recently contributed to Effingham, IL winning the Google eCity of 2014 Award through her Brandfluence Social Media Program. She has spoken at the Environmental Business Council on Social Media and RI BAR Association to discuss "How Systematic Storying Can Help Lawyers Show Value in Sales Conversations." Her other featured topics are: "Building Brand Ecosystems the Thrive.", ​ "Social Media Marketing ~ Monetize​ your Profiles"​ and "Understanding your Brand Ecosystem to Increase Sales."
Have any questions about Social Made Simple Membership? Drop us a line, we're here to help!
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